New office

Today is the first day at our new office.

I’s small, fresh (kind of) and most important; ALL ours!¬† Feels great!

Still a chaos though, big mess with stuff everywhere. One reason to why there’s no pictures here ūüėČ but no worries, give us the weekend and we’ll show you some sneak peaks.

This weekend we’ve got another new exciting project starting, still a bit secret but be sure, we’ll let you know then the time is right!

So now you know the latest. If not clearly… hehe… Stay tuned!



Our dear friend and designer Elin Eng(ström) had a great opening at Sportson today. If you have not seen her work yet, check it out here! LagströmWiktorsson has contributed with the displays for her necklaces. Check out the pictures and stop by Sportson to buy a necklace made of old bike tubes!






So what is this all about?


We’ve got a lot of interesting stuff ahead of us. Projects that we feel are worth sharing.

So, let’s blog about it!

For example: we’re leaving for South Africa and Capetown on friday.
A project sponsored by SIDA- Swedish International Cooperation Agency, SouthAfrican incubator FurnTech and the swedish company TTC – Tibro Training Centre. To be completely honest, we don’t really know much about the project other than we’re being sent down as product designers with the aim to initiate contacts and future cooperations with the local industry.

Good enough  for us! We hope you will enjoy following us on the way!

Best best!
Lina and Elin