Årets sak 2012

SpiderWe are happy to announce that Spider has been nominated for “Årets sak 2012” at Designtorget. Årets sak, “Thing of the year” is an annual award which honors the product most creative, well designed, innovative and salable. More info and nominees here.

Happy feelings and great offers!

After a week in Tibro with the South African gang, we’re back at the office wondering how to celebrate.

Celebrate what? one might ask… Well..Life?
Or the fact that we had the best of weeks catching up with our african friends, making beautiful objects in  the Tibro Training Center work shop. We also want to celebrate our brand new agent LADP who, from now on will take care of all the selling and marketing of Leaf and Sindy!

So how do we do this?
Well, we still have Tree and Seed in our own stock and what better way to celebrate than making you an offer you can’t resist!

So how about this, we offer you to buy Tree (Antracite) for the price of 2995 sek instead of the usual 3995 sek. And 3 seeds (White or Antracite, mix as you like!) for the total price of 250 sek. (original price 95 sek a piece)

All you need to do is to e-mail us at info@lagstromwiktorsson.se about what you need and we’ll get back to you asap.

And if you are also interested in our products Leaf or Sindy, don’t hesitate in sending LADP an e-mail!

Tree, 2995 sek (3995 sek)
L:170 W: 50
Colour: antracite

Seed, 3for 250 sek (95 sek a piece)
Antracite or white choose as you like!


(Delivery cost is not included, but you are more than welcome to visit us at our nice little office in Stockholm. This offer lasts as long as stock lasts or until oct 8, 2012 )






Spider launching campaign at Designtorget!

As many of you have noticed, Designtorget runs a big launching campaign for the Spider. All stores have a storefront that is dedicated to us (or maybe to the Spiders, hard to tell) A bit scary to see our grimacing faces in the city’s storefronts, but it’s worth it! Today we brought the camera to photograph some of the storefronts in the Stockholm stores. If you pass a store elsewhere, please take a picture and send it to us!

Norrgavel VIP

After a face lift and change a of ownership, the doors to the new Norrgavel flagship store in Stockholm was opened. This was celebrated yesterday evening with a VIP-night offering both new furniture and good wine. We couldn’t resist the chans for some new inspiration and went to see how Sindy and Leaf were doing!

Nirvan Richter and his friend Sindy salutes you!

Couldn’t see her? Well, she’s well hidden under a linen kimono 😉

Next to the soaps and towels we found her proud friend

White Leaf next to the blond Dala-horses

Leaf antracite seems to fit right in with the rest of the hallway products!



It’s shopping time!

Finally, Sindy in the webshop!

Wich means that all you have to do to get her to take care of tomorrows outfit is to visit lagstromwiktorsson.se click buy, pay safe via Paypal and she’ll be delivered directly from us to you.
Best of all; no delivery cost within Sweden!

What are you waiting for? 😀

Sindy available in white or antracit grey. Price sek 1550


Anyhow is another one of our fantastic retailers located in Gothenburg.

We love their creative way of displaying the Leafs with some help from the brilliant illustrator Pontus Börjesson!


Illustrator Pontus Börjesson in the Anyhow shop, Gothenburg